Buy CBD Oil – Before Buying!

You want to buy CBD oil and don’t know what to look out for? Don’t worry, our CBD Oil Buy article will tell you what to consider before you buy. There are many traders on the World Wide Web who want to sell you the precious CBD oil. But are they all legal and is the quality as it should be?

When it comes to cannabis and its properties, other cannabinoids than the well-known THC did not matter for a long time. With the research of the hemp plant, an up-and-coming business around hashish and marijuana as well as the new, incredibly exciting research results, the intoxicating herb quickly took on a medical dimension: Today, more and more countries in the world allow the use of cannabis as a medicine and, quite logically, the therapeutically effective components come into focus.

In the meantime, research has discovered almost 90 different cannabinoids, whereby the THC, which is responsible for intoxication and high, has remained important for Kiffer in the first place. In addition, however, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, has become very important and it is significant that more and more people are buying CBD oil as an option, comparable perhaps to medicinal herbs or the well-known medicinal teas. It is not uncommon for CBD oil to be praised as a new miracle weapon against all sorts of diseases, and there is obviously a lot to be said for it, so let’s take a closer look at the basics, applications, and effects.

What exactly is CBD oil?

For complaints such as arthritis, for example, CBD is already a popular remedy and, overall, the substance is perceived as beneficial, especially physically, so as already mentioned it is not top-heavy and intoxicating like THC. It is not unimportant to know here that especially the leaves of the cannabis plant are blessed with cannabidiol, also the temperature at evaporation is around 170 ° C, so it is higher than with THC, which should be considered for hemp recipes in any case.

A hemp plant cannot simply be trimmed to a high content of CBD oil, genetically modified cultivars are necessary for this. Only a few plants have a higher proportion than 4% and of course, this is the result of decades of breeding methods which concentrated on THC in cannabis. This is currently being corrected, but it just takes a while until the right plants and seeds are available. Here hemp farmers should trust the business and try cannabis varieties such as Euphoria, Medical Mass or Royal Highness. Those who, on the other hand, rely on their own initiative, for example by prolonging the flowering phases or during the drying phase, cannot at present fall back on any really reliable findings. In most cases, this does not work and it is certainly an advantage to buy CBD-rich varieties from hemp seed traders.

“THC in OCB´ – what am I shooting?”

That was once at the beginning of the century and the Fantastischen Vier gave the Rausch-Cannabinoid the optimal stage in the song “MfG.” Cannabis and THC, that belonged together for a long time in the cultural world. Potheads must have guessed it, finally, the hemp plant offers also an uncommonly relaxing effect, pains are quenched, cramps loosened – and for that the intoxicating THC is responsible? Science has found out for some time that there are very different cannabinoids, which in turn trigger certain effects, and so the CBD content of hemp seeds, grass, and dope in coffee shops is now also a matter of course.

CBD drops: trace elements and minerals

CBD is a popular choice because of its complex composition. In addition to iron and potassium, this essence contains copper, manganese, sodium and other ingredients such as zinc.

The slightly greenish color of the oil is due to the chlorophyll it contains. Like the hemoglobin of human blood, this has a very good effect on cell respiration. Regular use of CBD oil has a cleansing and detoxifying effect. The increased oxygen supply also puts the immune system back on track.

The golden-yellow shimmering shine of CBD drops is created by carotenoids, which are abundantly represented here. These secondary plant substances can lower the cholesterol level. They also protect against cardiovascular diseases and prevent narrowing of the arteries.

CBD: What do experts say?

Today more and more physicians are concerned with the wonderful and versatile properties of CBD drops. This is not only noticeable in medical practice. CBD is also becoming more and more popular in the area of dietary supplements and is thus gradually reaching a broad mass.

Researchers often deal with the healing effects of CBD on chronic diseases. There are currently more than 5,0000 studies dealing with CBD effects. These are collected in the US National Library under the heading Medicine (

Medical applications for CBD Oil

Our CBD oil now and any other form of this cannabinoid, on the other hand, has hardly any psychoactive effects, yet it is extremely helpful in a whole range of clinical pictures. Of course, this medical efficacy can also be described as a kind of intoxication, but the whole thing appears rather inconspicuous, in the background, compared to THC less clearly present. It is precisely this invisible hand in therapy that makes CBD so valuable since it can be applied to many patients who do not welcome intoxication. Among other things, this is the case, for example:

-Pain and inflammation

-nausea, stomach problems



-alcohol addiction

-Schizophrenia and epilepsy

-Nerve pain, cramps and even post-traumatic stress disorder

Intensive research is being carried out into the actual medically effective interaction of THC and CBD and it is already foreseeable today how both cannabinoids can be used together in an excellent therapeutic way, and even more about this. But of course, the products in the CBD Shop concentrate on the already impressive aspects of this potent substance and we are eagerly awaiting new findings.

Does CBD OIL / Hemp help against cancer?

If we now have a natural medicine at hand with cannabis and its most important components, then the cell proliferation, generally known as cancer, should actually be preventable. This is what science is hoping for and even if we don’t want to sell CBD oil as a panacea here, a lot seems to be true. Reports from research also point out that again the cooperation of cannabinoids works synergistically optimal and it is time to finally start the investigations in Germany, there are certainly spectacular results and chances for (hemp) medicine waiting.

Does CBD oil cause positive drug tests?

If users of CBD oil are tested for THC in the body, the result is always negative even if they regularly take CBD due to the negligible THC concentration.

A look at the biochemical basics

From mammals to fish, cannabinoids are effective and experts talk about endocannabinoid linkages. Feelings of happiness are a naturally occurring sensation, our body offers docking sites and when weed is triggered by these receptors then an effect. This works a bit like opening a door: The signals of molecules are transported into the cell via the connections and consequently not everything fits together. Cannabinoids are effective precisely because of this principle and it is significant that our organism has countless receptors for THC! Hashish and marijuana are therefore virtually natural drugs that can be used precisely, provided sufficient research. This is a bit like chocolate, which also uses the body’s own endocannabinoid system to trigger the famous feeling of well-being.

However, the CBD oil effect is not directly due to a binding interest with the receptors, which also respond to THC, but rather the cannabidiol inhibits a certain enzyme and thus ensures the desired processes. Especially important is the special 5-HT1A receptor, which makes a binding with the CBD possible and is responsible for the serotonin regulation in the body. As a result, anxiety diminishes, the sensation of pain decreases and conditions such as nausea, see the therapeutic effects listed above.

How fast does the CBD effect occur?

The time of onset of the effect depends on the dose taken, the disease, but also on the individual expectations of the user. CBD oil has a relaxing and calming effect after only 15 minutes. For certain diseases, the CBD effect can only be observed after a few weeks.

Dosage of CBD Oil

The herbal ingredients work differently for each person. It is recommended to observe the respective CBD effect yourself. The recommended dosage depends on the CBD concentration. On the other hand, this can vary depending on possible complaints.

CBD oil users start with one to a maximum of two CBD drops daily. After two to four days the dose can be increased. Adults use CBD oil once a day (three drops). For mild complaints, this CBD dosage can be taken twice daily. If the oil is used to relieve severe pain, experience has shown that up to five drops of CBD can be taken twice daily.

Taking CBD Oil

In order to achieve the best possible CBD effect, it is advisable to apply the herbal remedy directly under the tongue. To avoid overdose, CBD drops can alternatively be applied first to the hand and then absorbed with the tongue.

CBD effect depending on CBD content

Most products have a CBD content of up to 1.0 percent. The higher the CBD content, the more effective it is. In contrast to 1.0 percent, only weak effects can be expected with 0.6 percent oil.

CBD shops occasionally offer this vegetable oil with a content of more than 6.0 percent. This oil comes from highly effective cannabis varieties, which are rarely found in practice.

How long does the oil last?

CBD oil should be kept dark and cool in a closed container. The refrigerator is considered the ideal place. Last but not least, users always have the oil at hand.

If light irradiation and air supply are avoided, CBD drops can be kept open for at least twelve months. The best-before date of CBD oil can be found in the packaging.

What should I buy in the CBD shop?

In addition to seeds, CBD oil is of course of particular interest as a dietary supplement, as a cosmetic and as a form for the actual consumption of hemp. It is worthwhile to study the possible uses of CBD oil very carefully. From massage to CBD cigarette, as recently launched in Switzerland, anything is possible. These specialized headshops show the content exactly, are usually also legal and inform reliably about the CBD oil effect and all important aspects.

Of course, no one can expect miracle healing, but without doubt, thanks to the body’s own system, we have a key in our hands that can do a lot of good in medicine with the CBD content that has now been discovered and further researched. At any rate, trying it out cannot do any harm, even if patients with serious, chronic illnesses should certainly seek the advice of an (experienced) hemp doctor.

Buying CBD oil: practical tips

-Only order CBD products in the trustworthy CBD Shop.

-Prefer known CBD manufacturers.

-CBD oil must contain COA (Certificate of Analyses).

In addition, the package leaflet should state exactly which active cannabinoids are contained in the CBD oil. In addition, trustworthy manufacturers should also provide precise information on the respective solution (olive oil, alcohol, and others) and production method.

Summary: Welcome to the future with CBD – but without THC

Although research and an increasing number of enthusiastic users of CBD are delivering positive results on its use, a considerable amount of intensive educational work still needs to be done. In fact, many people still believe that CBD oil contains the actively effective THC. There is also the misconception that CBD should be inhaled or smoked. However, all these stories belong to the category of nurse’s tales. Because the opposite is the case.

-CBD oil contains no psychoactive ingredients and it is taken orally, which means through the mouth. Many doctors, psychotherapists, and private individuals already use CBD to alleviate various ailments. The oil also makes a valuable contribution to active health care.

-Due to ever more intensive research, more and more fields of application of the golden oil become known. Meanwhile, even former skeptics believe in the complex CBD effect. Last but not least, the oil shines thanks to its mode of action, which leaves undesirable side effects in the shade.

Thus, this natural remedy has a potential that should not be underestimated for the sustainable health of the body. If symptoms are noticed, CBD oil can make a valuable contribution to the restoration of a healthy balance. Consequently, this natural food supplement is suitable for lifelong use.